Work & Non Work

2014 - 2016 


Digital detox: how photographers find balance in a fast-moving world.

A sudden, acute awareness of our world has seen everything speed up. If we want to know something, the answer is at our fingertips. Experiences and opportunities can be spontaneous in a way they never have been before. For many of us, the way we experience the world is rapid, relentless and driven by a desire to appear to be ‘more’ than we actually are. But amidst the mayhem there are pockets of mindful communities, actively in pursuit of authenticity, individualism and those elusive human connections.

Among them are the photographers and would-be photographers who are turning to the analogue world as a way to slow down and learn a mindfulness to their practise, using the pace of film photography as a way to reconnect with their art and subjects. Jawad Maakor is one such photographer. He relies heavily on a digital workflow for his commercial assignments, but seeking the perfect image is not just his livelihood – it’s his passion. He initially turned to analogue photography for its colour rendering, but quickly realised that film shooting could teach him so much more.


These are some of the negatives from a trip to Morocco some time ago. Jawad was really fascinated by the human flow and landscapes rendered by the celluloid.

Shot on:
Kodak Tri-x 
Kodak Ektar Expired