In collaboration with Canon Nederland & ADE

L E V I T A T I O N  is a short film that is shot during #ADE18. It's a sufficiently unusual project to sound incredibly pretentious when describing the genre. Here's an attempt: it’s a surreal film in a faintly futuristic but decidedly vivid ADE setting. It’s themes include, but are not limited to, displacement in society and humanism. During the shoot we also shot a portrait series of the story’s protagonist.

We get a glance at our world through the eye of an Interplanetary traveler.

Photographer / Concept Jawad Maakor
Camera / Concept Serhan Meewisse
Production / Yvon Boersma
Styling Mirte Engelhard
Gaffer Jochem Bakker
Talents: Meike Hannah van den Bongaardt & Brigitta Young