Firas - 2020

Short film 

Together with other refugees, Firas is trying to get to Europe by boat. While crossing the Mediterranean, a plane crashes nearby. Pulled from the debris, one little girl miraculously survives. The refugees bring the disorientated child aboard the ship, but Firas gets very confused by the presence of the girl.

Directors: Jawad Maakor, René Huwaë
World premiere:
Editors: Zoey van der Heijden, Bas Icke
Production Design: Daylene Kroon, Melissa Kooijmans
Sound Design: Floyd Atema, Tijmen Bergman
Music: Tijmen Bergman
Cast: Yassine Fadel, Mohammed Azaay, Seloua M’Hamdi, Solace Lawrence

Seloua M’Hamdi (19xx —2020)
Thank you Seloua for believing in our project and
thank you for your sincerity and dedication to cinema.